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If you have an event coming up and have a lot to do to prepare for it, let CapeTown South African Fusion Restaurant in San Diego, take the worry out of your menu!

CapeTown makes it so easy for you, no matter what the event, how small or large, catering by CapeTown is the answer. 

Perhaps you have  already enjoyed great South African food in our restaurant on Miramar road, and are familiar with our varied menu, if so, this is to let you know that you can also enjoy these dishes at your home or your location events.Burger Promo

For those of  you who are not yet familiar with our menu and South African food, you will find it interesting to know that the food prepared in South Africa today, has been influenced not only by the indigenous people, but also by the early Dutch pioneers as well immigrants from France, India, and Malaysia.  This exotic variety of recipes has resulted in very exciting flavors which CapeTown brings it to you!

Perhaps you are not sure if your guests would like South African food, perhaps they like meat and potatoes, basic salads and recognizable vegetables.. well, guess what…all these ingredients …and more….are in South African food!

We do not serve anything strange, like we have seen in a popular TV food show where the taster travels around the globe, and has eaten live worms pulled out of a tree stump! We have wonderful dishes for meat lovers, seafood lovers and vegetarians. How does beef, lamb and chicken; fish, shell fish and calamari: rice, potatoes and polenta; onions, mushrooms and salad veggies all sound to you?

We curry, grill, fry, marinate, blend, mix and roast….all flavored to please!

san diego catering ethnic food catering san diego african catering san diego

Everyone loves dessert, right?

Children are told: “no dessert until  you finish your dinner!”

Ah.. dessert, that special treat!

Did you know the word dessert is not common in other countries?

For example in Great Britain, you may be asked if you want a sweet, or be told it is time for pudding, or afters. Whatever you want to call it, our desserts  taste delicious, thanks to the sugarcane farmers living before 500BC, refining the cane sugar. China for example has been using sugar in their cooking and preparation of desserts for more than 1000 years.

I guess we could call sugar, an oldie but goodie!!

Consider then, a dessert table for that company meeting, or club late afternoon get together.

CapeTown’s delectable desserts such as Brandy tart, Melktert, Lamingtons Loeksusters and oh yes, Monkey Bread, will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

san diego office catering south african catering ethnic catering miramar south african dessert

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres is another option for your event.

We have lip-smacking, finger-licking-good appetizers to delight even the most discerning palate: peri peri chicken wings, mahi mahi sliders, sausage rolls, boerewors sliders, and a variety of samoosas all of which pair well with either a good wine or a favorite beer.

peri peri wings san diego catering samosas

Birthday Parties, Business Functions, Graduations, Weddings, Engagements, Meet and Greet, Bar & Batmitzvah, Anniversaries, YOU NAME IT…CAPETOWN CATERS IT!

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