Come experience the “Cape Town Vibe”

San Diego with its rich diversity of people is becoming not only a craft beer capital but also a place for foodies. A lot of different ethnic eating places are springing up.
Entrepreneur Alan  Davis decided it was time for people to experience a modern up beat African restaurant that had not only traditional South African dishes but also cutting edge healthy food that is happening right now in Cape Town, South Africa .

The idea was to open a place where the local community could not only enjoy the great food but could also have a place to meet , be social, exchange stories, business ideas, community projects and even global issues. It would be a center for conversation and connection, a place where everyone could hang out, talk, cheer and watch sports. A community as well as global meeting place. A place where people no matter where they were from could experience a little piece of  South Africa and enjoy the remarkable variety of flavors and foods.

The sports bar shows typical South African sports that are not readily available in San Diego. Sports like Rugby, Soccer , Cricket and of course Surfing and Golf all an integral part of the South African sporting landscape. Being a community restaurant we also help support all worthy causes that enhance people, harmony, peace, the planet and life in general.