BoBotie - Our Signature Dish

Delicate Blend of Savory Beef Topped with Baked Egg, served with Rice & Salad

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$24.95 MEAT LOVER'S GRILL . 6 oz. New York strip, half rack New Zealand Lamb with whole grain mustard/ rosemary medley & Boerewor's -House made Sausage, Traditional (pork & beef mix) served with fluffy garlic mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. $23.95 GRILLED RIB EYE STEAK 12 oz. Rib Eye Steak marinated with our signature lemon and herb sauce with creamed mushrooms and a side of mashed potatoes and a Mealie (Corn of the Cob). $12.95 to $18.95 BUNNY CHOW (Veggie/Chicken/Lamb) Your choice of Curry served in a South African bread bowl with sliced banana, sweet coconut shavings and chutney on the side to curb the heat. $18.95 BOBOTIE South Africa’s National Dish composed of Sweet & Savory Ground Beef mixed with walnuts, raisins & apricots and with a South African egg topping, served with Yellow Rice garnished with raisins and side salad. $16.95 LEMON & HERB CHICKEN SOSATIE Two Skewers of chicken breast with onions, red & green peppers served on a bed of Yellow Rice with a Mealie (Corn on the Cob). $11.95 BOEREWORS ROLL Pure Made Fresh Daily Sausage, your choice of Beef or Traditional (pork & beef mix) on a toasted oblong ciabatta bread topped with Tomato & Onion Gravy.( Add $1.50 for Beef) $9.95 BOEREWORS ASIAGO MELT ROLL Made Fresh Daily Sausage, choice of Beef or Traditional (pork & beef mix) topped with creamy mushroom sauce and asiago cheeses in a toasted oblong ciabatta bun. (Add $1.50 for Beef) $11.95 BOEREWORS PAP & GRAVY House Made Fresh Daily Sausage, Beef or Traditional (pork & beef mix) served with Pap / Iwisa - (South African style polenta made from ground maize) complimented with Tomato & Onion gravy.(Add $1.50 for Beef) $11.95 to $17.95 CAPETOWN'S SIGNATURE CURRY (V) (Vegetable/Chicken/Lamb) Your choice of Curry slow cooked with blend of herbs & spices served with a bed of Yellow rice, with sliced banana, sweet coconut shavings and chutney on the side to curb the heat (HOT). $7.50 to $9.80 CHICKEN (Like Nando's) PERI-PERI/ LEMON HERB Served with pap and gravy or slap chips and a Mealie (Corn on the Cob).

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